Carrie's Dream is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has a board of 9 people who serve two-year terms. If you are interested in being on the board of Carrie's Dream, please contact us.


Sandra Staka, President and Founding Member

Former Steps Dance Studio owner, a kindergarten teacher at Moreland Notre Dame School, former parent of a studio and high school dance team dancer, former coach and founder of the Aptos High School Dance team, a co-worker with Carrie.


Erin Angiolani, Vice President and Founding Member: Carrie McCoid was Erin's cheerleading coach and dance teacher for six years. 


David Bortnick, Treasurer and Founding Member

Dance teacher for 20 years, co-owner of a dance studio, media/marketing consultant for nonprofit organizations, worked with Carrie.


Robyn Bortnick, Secretary

Experience on a nonprofit organization board, stepmother of a PAC owner, a longtime supporter of the performing arts, experience in research/writing/marketing, fundraising.


Peggy Sue Daily

A former dance parent, daughter danced with Carrie and costume designer for PAC and the Aptos HS Dance Team.

Leslie Johnson, Founding Member

Dance teacher for 20 years, co-owner of a dance studio, founding member of the organization. 

Tisha Nusbaum, Founding Member

Dance teacher and studio owner,  worked with nonprofits in the dance community, children had Carrie as dance teacher, friend and colleague of Carrie.


Megan Suttaby

Student at Santa Clara University, a teacher at multiple dance/fitness studios, worked for Carrie.

Emily Todd

Program Administrator for a nonprofit organization, a dance teacher at Menlo Park Academy of Dance and Barre Studio, and a ballet dancer..


Founders of Carrie's Dream:

Erin Angiolani, David Bortnick, Leslie Johnson, Tisha Nusbaum, Jessica Schattenberg, Sandra Staka, & Ashley Tapley