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Carrie's Dream is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has a board of 9 people who serve two-year terms. If you are interested in being on the board of Carrie's Dream, please contact us.


Sandra Staka, President and Founding Member

Former Steps Dance Studio owner, a kindergarten teacher at Moreland Notre Dame School, former parent of a studio and high school dance team dancer, former coach and founder of the Aptos High School Dance team, a co-worker with Carrie.


Erin Angiolani, Vice President and Founding Member: Carrie McCoid was Erin's cheerleading coach and dance teacher for six years. 


David Bortnick, Treasurer and Founding Member

Dance teacher for 20 years, co-owner of a dance studio, media/marketing consultant for nonprofit organizations, worked with Carrie.


Robyn Bortnick, Secretary

Experience on a nonprofit organization board, stepmother of a PAC owner, a longtime supporter of the performing arts, experience in research/writing/marketing, fundraising.


Peggy Sue Daily

A former dance parent, daughter danced with Carrie and costume designer for PAC and the Aptos HS Dance Team.

Leslie Johnson, Founding Member

Dance teacher for 20 years, co-owner of a dance studio, founding member of the organization. 

Megan Suttaby

Student at Santa Clara University, a teacher at multiple dance/fitness studios, worked for Carrie.


Founders of Carrie's Dream:

Erin Angiolani, David Bortnick, Leslie Johnson, Tisha Nusbaum, Jessica Schattenberg, Sandra Staka, & Ashley Tapley



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